Contents | 7th Annual Education Symposium

September 15, 2020

Welcome | Proceedings
by Rebecca Wilson, PHD, RN

Staying Zen in the Lion’s Den: Maintaining an Educational Focus Amidst Stressors in Clinical Healthcare Practice | Ted Talk / Video
by Kirstyn Brownson, MD

The Case Cascade: Fostering Curiosity Through Case Based Learning | Ted Talk / Video
by Jonathan Sawicki, MD & Rebecca Purtell, MD, MSCI

Simulating the Simulations?? Creating Virtual Simulations in Response to Restrictions on In-Person Education | Ted Talk / Video
by Elizabeth Thackeray, MD; Megan Fix, MD & Sadfar Ansari, MD

Quizam!: Using Low-stakes Quizzes to Improve Learning and Long-term Memory Retention | Ted Talk / Video
by Erin Johnson Cole, DNP, CNM, WHNP-BC

Overcoming Fear Through Skill Building | Ted Talk / Video
by Jessica Ellis, PhD

Quality Improvement Work is Education Scholarship | Handouts / PPT / Workshop
by Emily Drennan, MD & Luca Boi, MHA

Your Daily Moment of Zen Feedback: A Showcase of Strategies/Tools in Clinical Encounters | Video / Workshop
by AHSE Mentorship and Engagement Committee

Twitter 101 for the Medical Educator | PPT / Workshop
by Sonja Raaum, MD, FACP

“Why does my learner perform poorly on exams?”: How Faculty Can Use Self-Regulated Learning Theory to Diagnose the Specific Learner Problems and Implement Appropriate Solutions | Handouts / PPT / Workshop
by Sarah D. Cipriano, MD, MPH, MS & Janet E. Lindsley, PhD

Assessment of Learners’ Ability to Apply QI Principles Using a Novel Scoring Rubric | Video / Workshop
by Luca Boi, MHA; Ryan Murphy, MD; Tyler Pender, MD & Brigette Smith, MD

Psychological Safety: It’s Not Just for Snowflakes | Workshop
by Jennifer O’Donohoe, MD & Kristi Kleinschmit, MD

Operation Escape Lab | Video / Workshop
by Ann Butt, EdD, RN, CHSE & Sherri Kerney, BA, SOS

Poster Session | Proceedings / Video
by Kaden Neuberger, BS; Hilary C. McCrary, MD, MPH; Jennifer Coombs, PhD, PA-C; Virginia L. Valentin, DrPH, PA-C; Mary Steinmann, MD; Cecilia Peterson, BA, BS & Taylor Dean, MS