Contents | 8th Annual Education Symposium – 2021

A Welcome to the Academy of Health Sciences Educators 8th Annual Education Symposium | Proceedings
by Rebecca Wilson, PHD, RN

Creating Joy in Our Work | Keynote Presentation
by Tony Tsai, MBA

Receiving Feedback in Healthcare | Ted Talk
by Kirstyn Brownson, MD

Bringing Your Professional Career into Focus: A Guide for New Hires on the Career-Line in Health Sciences | Ted Talk
by Katherine Ward, DNP

Rounds in the 21st Century | Ted Talk
by Heather Balch, MD

The Mindset of Mentoring | Workshop
by Heather Campbell, MD & Maija Holsti, MD

Active Learning- Techniques to Improve Learner Engagement | Workshop
by Cheryl Yang, MD & Michael Miescier, MD, MPH

Engendering Genuine Presence and Empathic Practice Among Graduate Student Practitioners in Virtual Classrooms | Workshop
by Sheila Deyette, PhD, APRN, PMHCNS-BC

Strategies for Success in Building a Training Program in Quality Improvement | Workshop
by Ryan Murphy, MD & Luca Boi, MHA

Improving Recruiting Methods to Optimize Diversity in Our Institution | Workshop
by Casey Gradick, MD; Pamela Hansen, MD; Kirsten Stoesser, MD & Abby Watson, MD

Expanding Health Professionals’ Addiction Education to Rural, Tribal and Underserved Communities | Workshop
by Elizabeth Howell, MD; Connie Kitchens, PhD; Megan Schwartz, MD & Jeff Clark, MD

Becoming a More Equitable Educator- Helping Health Sciences Educators See and Value Differences Through Challenging Conversations with Learners | Workshop
by Kristi Kleinschmit, MD & Jennifer O’Donohoe, MD

Teaching with Technology- Using the SAMR Framework to Evaluate Technological and Situational Affordances for Online Learning | Workshop
by Kerri Shaffer, MEd, MLIS & Candace Chow, PhD

Poster Session | Proceedings
by Camille Whicker, MS; Damian Borbolla, MD, MS; L. Elizabeth Moreno, MD; Tiffany Ho, MD, MPH; Virginia L. Valentin, DrPH, PA-C; Katherine Fortenberry, PhD; Cecilia Mary Peterson, BA, BS; Eli Iacob, PhD; Katarina Friberg Felsted, PhD; Jacqueline Eaton, PhD; Cheryl Yang, MD; Megan Fix, MD; Sarah Becker, DO & Zachary Drapkin, MD