The Mindset of Mentoring

Title: The Mindset of Mentoring
Presenter: Heather Campbell, MD; Maija Holsti, MD; and members of the AHSE mentorship committee
Date: 9/14/21
Brief Description: This workshop will engage participants in reflecting upon the mentorship needs of learners using a holistic, strengths-based model.  We will examine the harm of bias in the mentor relationship and discuss tools to manage our own biases.  Finally, we will discuss best practices for individualizing the mentorship approach and avoiding pitfalls, such as “feeding forward” and focusing on perceived deficits.
Keywords/Main Subjects: Strengths-based model, bias, mentorship, individualizing mentorship
Copyright: copyright Heather Campbell, Maija Holsti, and members of the AHSE mentorship committee ©2021

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The Mindset of Mentoring by Heather Campbell, MD & Maija Holsti, MD