Poster Session

Better than Broccoli- Turning Health System Science Education into a Fun and Healthy Treat 

presented by Camille Whicker, MS & Damian Borbolla, MD, MS

Multidepartment Anti-racism Curricular Intervention at the University of Utah 

presented by L. Elizabeth Moreno, MD & Tiffany Ho, MD, MPH

Managing an Educational Training Grant Through Change

presented by Virginia Valentin, DrPH, PA-C & Katherine Fortenberry, PhD

Using IPAS 2.0 to Assess Interprofessional Attitudes Across Professions

presented by Cecilia Mary Peterson, BA, BS & Eli Iacob, PhD

Embodying Age Friendly University Principles- Promoting Lifelong Learning through HB60

presented by Katarina Friberg Felsted, PhD & Jaqueline Eaton, PhD

Is Coaching Using Video Laryngoscopy Superior to Traditional Method for Improving Pediatric Intubation Skills?

presented by Cheryl Yang, MD; Megan Fix, MD; Sarah Becker, DO; & Zachary Drapkin, MD

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Poster Session by Camille Whicker, MS, Damian Borbolla, MD, MS, L. Elizabeth Moreno, MD, Tiffany Ho, MD, MPH, Virginia L. Valentin, DrPH, PA-C, Katherine Fortenberry, PhD, Cecilia Mary Peterson, BA, BS, Eli Iacob, PhD, Katarina Friberg Felsted, PhD, Jacqueline Eaton, PhD, Cheryl Yang, MD, Megan Fix, MD, Sarah Becker, DO & Zachary Drapkin, MD