Poster Session

Improving Healthcare Transitions of Surgical Care Through an Innovative IPE Elective

presented by Kaden Neuberger, BS

Closed captioning forthcoming

A National Survey of Robotic Surgery Training Among Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery Residents

presented by Hilary C. McCrary, MD, MPH

Closed captioning forthcoming

The Covid-19 Elective: A Crash Course in Safe, At Home, Fully Graded, Simulated Patient Encounters

presented by Jennifer Coombs, PhD, PA-C

Curriculum Development for Professional Wellness and Resiliency Among Physician Assistants

presented by Virginia L. Valentin, DrPH, PA-C

Closed captioning forthcoming

Team-Based Learning (TBL) in Dental School Courses

presented by Mary Steinmann, MD

Closed captioning forthcoming

Assessing Interprofessional Education: Revision and Construct Validation of the Interprofessional Attitudes Scale (IPAS)

presented by Cecilia Peterson, BA, BS

Closed captioning forthcoming

The Transitions Situational Judgement Test

presented by Taylor Dean, MS

Closed captioning forthcoming

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Poster Session by Kaden Neuberger, BS, Hilary C. McCrary, MD, MPH, Jennifer Coombs, PhD, PA-C, Virginia L. Valentin, DrPH, PA-C, Mary Steinmann, MD, Cecilia Peterson, BA, BS & Taylor Dean, MS