Quality Improvement Work is Education Scholarship

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Title: Quality Improvement Work is Education Scholarship
Presenter: Emily Drennan, MD, University of Utah; Luca Boi, MHA, University of Utah; Monica Hatch, PA-C, University of Utah, Division of Vascular Surgery
Date: 9/15/20
Brief Description: This session will guide participants through the conceptualization of a quality improvement project from project inception to implementation. Designing a problem statement, identifying a team, and various tools in quality improvement work will be reviewed. Participants will leave with the tools to initiate a project and identify opportunities to share their work locally as well as with a wider audience
Keywords/Main Subjects: Quality improvement, project implementation, workshop
Copyright: copyright Emily Drennan, Luca Boi, Monica Hatch ©2020


Vascular Access Quality Improvement Case Study

Conducting a Baseline Analysis

FARA Criteria (Clinical Track)

Fishbone Diagram

How to Write a Problem Statement


Advice on how to assess if your project is suited to broad publication

An editorial from the Journal of the GME about how to write up your project for successful publication

A primer on using SQUIRE guidelines to compose a manuscript about a quality improvement project

A list of publications that accept quality improvement work, sorted by subject

A list of publications that accept quality improvement focused papers by impact factor

SQIURE standards template.  A framework for designing and writing up quality improvement work that is encouraged and accepted by a number of journals

University of Utah online publication of quality improvement principles as well as experiences

A step by step outline for how to create a poster or abstract to present your work as well as conferences to consider

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Quality Improvement Work is Education Scholarship by Emily Drennan, MD & Luca Boi, MHA